Ray has been asked to write ‘Expert’ reports in around 150 cases and have testified in courts on over 50 occasions. Among the cases/inquiries that he has been involved in are ‘The Lockerbie Inquiry/Bombing of flight Panam 103’ for The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission; ‘The Litvinenko Inquiry’; ‘The Longcare Inquiry’.

In 2018 he accepted the invitation to be a member of the small ’Steering Committee’ that is writing the extensive guidance document on investigative interviewing as recommended to the United Nations by its ‘Special Rapportuer’ Professor Juan Mendez.

In October 2017 he was appointed an ‘Assessor’ (ongoing) for the new National Dutch Register of Expert Witnesses (Nederlands Register Gerechtelik Deskundigen).

In 2015 Ray was commissioned by a large police organization to write a review of research relevant to how and when police who witness a fatal shooting should recall.

In 2009 the National Policing Improvement Agency added his name to its still current ‘Expert Advisers Database’.

In 2004/5 Ray led a small team commissioned by the Scottish Executive to write guidance documents on the taking of evidence on commission and on the use of a supporter for vulnerable witness testimony. 

In 2003 he was asked by the ‘Home Office’ (i.e. the relevant government ministry) to review the relevant literature and contribute to guidance on how best to conduct voice parades/line-ups.

During 2002/3 Ray led a small team commissioned by the Government in England and Wales to produce an extensive training pack on the interviewing of vulnerable witnesses including children. 

In 2001 he was part of a team of two commissioned by the Home Office to write major parts of the 2002 Government document “Achieving Best Evidence In Criminal Proceedings: Guidance For Vulnerable And Intimidated Witnesses, Including Children”.